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become a mentor

It is important to know the impact of mentorship in a young person’s life, and gaining a deeper understanding why we need a young woman like yourself in our program.  

  • Having a positive mentor in a young person’s life has proven to have impact on their personal, academic, and professional development.
  • Young people who have positive mentors in their life are 55% more likely to graduate and peruse higher education opportunities.
  •  Young people who have positive mentors in their life are more likely to be mentors themselves in their adult life. 

Through our mentorship program all mentors will be provided with guided training and support to ensure a successful mentorship between you and your mentor. Our goals is to utilize your personal work experiences and background, and allow you to apply them to development of Unique Sisters mentorship program.


Become a mentee

Unique Sisters mentees will be matched with a responsible adult volunteer who has agreed to serve as a mentor. The mentor’s role is that of a friend, coach and guide. Mentors will meet regularly with their mentees, typically planning activities within the month with weekly scheduled check-ins. We believe in the impact of having a positive mentor in a young ladies life, and with our mentorship program we believe we can help our mentees become successful “Unique Sisters”.

The primary role of the mentor is to assist the mentees in achieving her life goals in areas such as further education, jobs and career exposure, positive family and friendship networks, health and well-being, and etc. We hope that you will grant permission for your daughter to participate in our mentoring program.

All mentors are carefully screens and trained to be ensuring they meet the qualities we seek in mentors, and we offer ongoing support and guidance to both the mentor and mentee to help make the relationship successful over time.