Mentor Responsibilities

 Unique Sisters mentors provide support to their mentees as they go through the Unique Sisters experience. Mentors are a key part of the Unique Sisters community, supporting the learning, development, and exploration of the mentees.

 Description of a Unique Sisters mentor

A mentor is an individual who wants to have a positive impact on a young adult’s life. He or she is a trusted person, who is caring and provides positive solutions and support. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to provide access to people, places, and things outside the mentee’s daily routine and environment..




Mentor qualities


       Active listener

       Flexible, open, and approachable

       Dependable and enthusiastic

       Nonjudgmental attitude


       Resourceful and able to support mentees as they strive toward their educational or career goals


Mentor responsibilities

       Make a commitment of a minimum of 12 months to mentoring a Unique Sister mentee.

       Meet in-person with mentee for four (4) hours per month. Additional contact each month by phone or e-mail is also allowed, as needed.

       Participate in monthly service or group mentoring activities.

       Communicate twice a month with mentor coordinator.

       Attend program ceremonies, including a matching ceremony and a match celebration at the end of the program year.

       Provide all needed data for program evaluation.


Mentor eligibility requirements

       Must be over 18 years of age

       Must complete an application

       Attend a face-to-face interview session

       Pass criminal record and child abuse registry checks

       Satisfactory employment and personal reference checks


Time commitment

Volunteers will be matched with a youth for a minimum of 12 months.





       Guide young adults towards achieving their education and career goals, while gaining a new friend

       Experience the fulfillment of watching a Unique Sister mentee grow, develop skill, and gain confidence

       Enhance growth by modeling good values and judgment

       Become a part of a new network of change agents

       Learn more about your community and its diversity and its future